DeCoach Recovery Centre was founded in response to the escalating health crisis in Southwestern Ohio, established in 2016 with our Fairfield, OH office.

Since then, we have expanded to 7 locations. This includes our drug and alcohol rehab in Eaton, OH. Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality treatment for individuals battling substance use disorders, mental health, or dual diagnosis. We foster hope and recovery from the top down.

Our programs employ a holistic approach, recognizing the diverse biological, sociological, and psychological factors that shape each person’s journey to recovery. Accordingly, through evidence-based techniques, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and counseling, we aim for the best possible outcomes for each client.

The DeCoach treatment philosophy is rooted in respect and dignity for every individual, regardless of their ability to pay. Our dedicated team includes professionals with lived experience in addiction, trained to deliver personalized treatment and mental health services. We firmly believe in the inherent value of every person. And our compassionate staff works tirelessly to help them realize it.

We extend our reach through our court services division, partnering with probation and courts in Butler, Greene, Preble, Hamilton, Montgomery, Warren, Clinton, and Clark Counties. These partnerships, along with collaborations with local mental health and addiction boards, nursing homes, and area hospitals, reflect our commitment to continuous staff development and education.

Finally, at DeCoach Recovery in Eaton, Ohio, we provide a comprehensive path to addiction recovery, including tailored treatment programs and sustainable aftercare. Our dedicated team of professionals supports each client every step of the way. We promote a nurturing environment that enables personal growth, self-discovery, and a lasting commitment to sobriety. Our goal is to provide compassionate, effective treatment to all those in need.

Addiction Treatment Services in Ohio

DeCoach Recovery Centre knows that addiction affects several aspects of a person’s health and quality of life. From physical dependency and mental health symptoms to family problems and legal issues, our addiction treatment services in Ohio offer our clients the best solutions for long-term recovery.