Empowering Recovery through Legal Collaboration

At DeCoach Recovery Centre, we recognize that the path to recovery may sometimes intersect with the legal system. Our Court Services Program bridges the gap between legal challenges and a chance at genuine recovery. We proudly serve individuals in several counties in Southwest Ohio to ensure that their recovery journey aligns with their legal needs.

Serving Multiple Counties

We have established a strong presence and partnerships in the following counties:
– Butler -Clinton -Clark – Hamilton – Greene – Montgomery – Preble  -Warren

Through these partnerships, we aim to provide comprehensive assistance that respects both legal obligations and the individual’s recovery goals.

How Can Our Court Services Assist You?

Case Management

Our dedicated team liaises between the individual, their legal team, and the court to ensure compliance and progress.


We provide timely updates and reports to courts showcasing an individual’s commitment and progress in the program.

Supportive Counseling

Address the emotional and psychological challenges that come with legal concerns.

Education & Workshops

For those involved in the legal system to understand addiction, recovery, and how to support loved ones.

Why Choose DeCoach for Court Services?

Embark on a Recovery Journey that Respects Legal Needs

Are you or a loved one navigating the challenges of probation while seeking recovery? Trust DeCoach Recovery Centre to provide support every step of the way.