DeCoach Recovery Centre provides rehab in Fairborn to those who are seeking to recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. We provide holistic care to individuals who are seeking recovery which includes medication assisted treatment (MAT) to combat drug and alcohol addiction. This can include fentanyl, heroin, and other prescription medications that can lead to dependence.

Our personalized and individualized treatment plans offer care that caters to the individuals under our care. Everyone’s journey to recovery looks different, and having a plan that works best for each individual person is vital to a successful journey to long term recovery. Spearheaded by industry leading professionals, our holistic approach to addiction treatment helps those under our care to begin their recovery process in a positive light, with the right care and support. We will stand by your side every step of the way. That is the DeCoach Difference

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Safe and Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Fairborn, Ohio

Rehab in Fairborn is available for those who need it. The effects of addiction wreaks havoc in communities across the country, and Ohio is no different. Having a positive and safe environment in which a person can begin their healing and recovery process can help to build the necessary foundation for recovery. Having a solid and strong foundation when beginning recovery can help those who are struggling to maintain long term recovery.

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