If you or a loved one are in need of substance recovery programs, the more you know, the better! Researching ahead of time is always important, so that you can ensure your recovery program is set up to meet your needs in the most effective way possible. If you are looking for recovery programs that respect your freedom and enable you to continue living your life while undergoing recovery, the programs at DeCoach are perfect for you!

DeCoach Rehabilitation Centre was founded to combat the greatest health crisis the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas have ever witnessed. We strive to provide a holistic approach to treatment acknowledging the unique needs of each individual. Each individual is met at their own unique stage of recovery and supplied with the tools to reach sobriety.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) at DeCoach

At DeCoach Rehabilitation Centre, we provide program members with Medication-Assisted Treatment. This treatment protocol is specifically designed to help participants by reducing withdrawal symptoms, reducing urges, and making the process gradual. This helps to reduce the shock of suddenly eliminating substance use.

MAT helps your body ease into recovery, and when paired with support systems like group therapy and individual counseling, it can be incredibly effective! If you would like to learn more about MAT, and how it can improve your recovery, reach out to our team for more info!

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Recovery Designed For Your Individual Needs!

The team at DeCoach understands that each person is at a different stage in their substance misuse and recovery journey. The level of support and resources that you will need, will differ from another individual. This is why we offer a range of recovery services, each providing unique benefits. Our program offerings include:

Withdrawal Management (WM) – a safe space, monitored by medical health professionals. Allows you to navigate withdrawal under supervision and with the help of medical experts.

In-house Recovery – specialized housing that is designed to help you remain in recovery. If you need a place that is free of distractions, and temptations and is safe, In-house recovery options can help you!

Outpatient Recovery Program – You live a busy life. You still need to work or attend school, so outpatient recovery allows you to participate in MAT programs, while still meeting your obligations.

Intensive Outpatient Program – this program is similar to the standard outpatient program, however, it includes a higher standard of support and more therapy sessions to help keep you on track. This is a great choice for individuals who have struggled with recovery in the past.

Am I Required to Attend a Treatment Program Daily?

No, this is a common misconception with Medication-Assisted Treatment. While each of our patients is treated on an individual basis, many are able to see the physician once monthly. More frequent visits can be arranged as necessary.

What Insurance Programs Does DeCoach Accept?

Currently, the list of insurances accepted at DeCoach includes Ohio Medicaid, CareSource, Molina Healthcare, Medicare, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, Buckeye, and Paramount. We also accept self-pay patients and are aggressively pursuing in-network coverage with all major insurance companies.

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Addiction Treatment Services Available in Cincinnati, Fairfield, Hamilton, Xenia, and Fairborn Ohio!

If you or a loved one have questions about medication-assisted treatment or are ready to take the first step in your recovery journey, reach out to the team at DeCoach Rehabilitation Centre for more information.

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